Hygge. Recognizing and allowing the joy of the simplest pleasures to run over you.

Without attaching a word, let alone a foreign word to it before, I have snuggled into this way of living my whole life.

Simple cups of coffee become moments that stop time.

Rainy days are days to pull on my rain boots, run in the rain, make a fire, wear a snugly sweater.

Thunder storms are an excuse to sit on the front porch with a best friend, splitting a bottle of red wine, while laughing about anything we can get our mouths around.

Ahhh, hygge. A word that is quickly storming the US shores. Haven’t heard of it? Oh, you will soon. “That’s so hipster” will soon be “that’s so hygge” (pronounced HOO-gah). I only know this, because since happening upon the word, I myself have found every excuse under the sun to roll this word around my mouth.

Let me just say that the “hygge” movement (that we’re yet to have) is much more my speed. I literally walked into a hipster parody yesterday at one of those fancy pour-over coffee shops, and I couldn’t get out of that place fast enough. A guy walked in with the slicked back hair and beard combo (classic number 3 on the list of top 8 hipster haircuts), while wearing an ironic Christmas sweater and too short pants with a good two inches of ankle showing. While he and his crew meandered to the back of the cafe, I awkwardly had to cross behind the selfie they were taking, only to catch the tail end of Mr.Slicked-Back Hair and Beard Combo saying, “okay, this one, we’re all going to make sad faces”…

…hipster parody.

All of that to say, I’ve never felt like running with my hands waving over my head, screaming my way out of a coffee shop that would be considered “hygge”, or any hyggelig (pronounced HOO-gah-LEE) situation for that matter.

Nope, hit me up with a dim coffee shop, comfy chair, a fire place, a good hand-made mug, and this girl is in hygge heaven.

While I know a good hygge moment when I see one, I forget that there is a clear recipe for it, and it’s different for each and every person…

Do that which brings you joy.

Of course, a good hygge scene would probably not be complete without a cozy fire, a good book, and a freshly brewed cup of coffee…but it comes in countless different packages, is a year-round delight, and costs little to no money at all.

Hygge. Rediscovering the joy in small pleasures. God knows, we all need a little more of that.

much love,



10 thoughts on “Hygge.

  1. Loved your post. I recently saw a list of words to express emotions or states for which there is no English translation. I don’t remember seeing this word, but very likely it was there. I, too, have always experienced this. It takes me too long to do simple things sometimes because I get too immersed in the simple-joy moments. Glad to know there’s a word for the suspension between doing and not doing while enjoying the pleasure of the moment 🙂


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