How to hygge…

So you have heard about the new Danish craze that is hygge (HOO-gah) (and if you haven’t heard of it, refer to this post).

Perhaps you grasp that it is cozy, but give me an example, you ask…besides fresh mugs of coffee and crackling fireplaces…

How does one hygge?


Hygge is a subjective term, and different for everyone. In my humblest opinion, hygge boils down to simple pleasures that bring you joy.

Create a pleasant environment: you don’t have to live in Scandinavia to cozy it up like the Danes; here are some of my favorite ways to hygge at home, no matter where I am:

  • Light a candle (specifically in an earthy scent like pine or vanilla, or even better, scents that smell like baked goods)
  • No overhead lights, use warm, cozy lighting like lamps and string lights
  • Play music, often. One of my favorite things to do in the world is cook while drinking wine and listening to French music (my favorite Spotify station is “French lounge”). Find your go-to playlist for every occasion, especially chores; music makes housework way more inviting, and don’t forget to take dance breaks (I’m not sure that’s hygge, but necessary in my opinion)
  • Cozy furniture is a must, like plush chairs, comfy couches, and deliciously soft blankets.

**It’s almost guaranteed that you can look forward to me going through my house, one room at a time, and hygge-fying the hell out of all the rooms; I love home decor to a sickening degree.

Comfy cozy clothes: apparently there is a word in the Danish language for those pants you slip into when you get home after a long day (those pants), they’re called hyggebukser. I love me some cozy clothes, and if you were ever to knock on my door at a random time when I’m not expecting you, you would find me in some crazy fluffy socks, a heavy sweater, possibly a blanket scarf, and yoga pants. I don’t mess around…I get cold easily, and I hate being restricted by pants.

Hygge clothing doesn’t need just to stay at home, however. With today’s trends, it is possible to wear nothing but stretch pants and long cozy sweaters, and no one will sit you down for an intervention. I tend to lean a little too heavily toward the comfy section when I’m out shopping, again and again; one of my favorite dresses in the world just so happens to also be my comfiest.

What makes you feel yummy inside when you wear it? What feels the best on your skin? What are you wearing when you feel most yourself? That’s hygge.

Warm your belly and your heart: Is there anything that feels better than sharing a delicious, home cooked meal and a great bottle of wine with people you love? I am technically considered an extrovert, most likely, but often I feel like an introvert at heart. I tend to prefer small intimate groups with people I am close with, sitting around sharing food. One of my most recent hygge moments that I can think of was a night that my husband, myself and our toddler, Bennett went to visit some of our dearest friends on their farm. My best friend Sammy and I were inside, listening to French music, the wood stove cracking, the heat pumping, and we were cooking up a storm while catching up. Then we all sat around in the kitchen, laughing at our son and his crazy antics. I freaking loved it.

Make cozy stews on a snowy day. Invite a few friends over to sit and chat. Go for a walk in the rain with a hot cup of tea. Sit on your front porch with a friend watching a thunder and lightning storm. Build a snowman. Have friends over for dinner on a Tuesday. Go for a picnic. Make goodies for a neighbor.

Much love,


sipping: Vanilla Sleepy Time tea by Celestial Seasonings

smelling: Thistle Farms lavender and lemon soy candle

sound of: “Workday Lounge” playlist on Spotify


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