a walk in the woods.

After three days of being cooped up inside, no play dates in sight, and a personal mission to have my child watch as little TV as possible…we were both going crazy.


My little socialite needed people time…people other than mommy. “I’ve seen your face enough, thank you very much!”

Mommy needed a second to catch her breath, a second to get some work done, a second to not hear crying…”I know, mommy is so mean…she won’t let you eat charcoal”…

So in a moment of desperation, I snapped open the stroller, loaded my little munchkin up with a snack, and headed to the park across the street.

Across the street from us is a 50 acre reserve that most people who live here don’t even know about. It’s peaceful, and green, with eucalyptus trees for days…

…It’s my happy place…a place to converse with the fairies and quiet the world for a minute to hear my own thoughts.

Bennett, of course, loves it too. It’s a never-ending source of dead sticks to throw into the tree-lined ravine.

IMG_1261 (1).JPG

A never-ending path to expend all his boy energy…

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

…and of course the ideal place to pick the perfect flower for mama…

IMG_1259 (1).JPG

…which, by the way, smell like sunshine.

My soul so often craves these hyggeligt moments…a walk in the sunshine…not tethered to technology (except to capture these few pictures…). No headphones in my ears…just the conversations with my son, the birds in the trees, maybe even God…and nothing else.

Something I have realized, is that while this “project” is so important for me to heal and move forward with joy…it’s equally important for my family. These moments of simplicity are exactly what my little boy’s soul craves too.


much love,



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