Yesterday was long. Bennett is definitely feeling better, but not yet himself…and right now, everything results in a meltdown. Is that just being a toddler? or…

I’ve been really trying to honor his needs…this boy just wants to DO! He’s honestly happiest when helping me with laundry (he loves to “hide” the quarters), or helping us bake.

Since the banana bread that we made last week was gobbled up in a few days, it was the perfect time to get back in the kitchen.

To me, baking is the ultimate act of hygge. It’s creative, it’s cozy, and you get to enjoy the spoils once you’re done!

Plus, what better way to soothe an achy spirit than with chocolate chip cookies?!


I’m surprised we had enough batter left over to actually make the cookies with the sneaky little bird picking at the batter 😉


Oh man…these cookies turned out DELICIOUS! The outside was crispy (and buttery), and the inside was gooey and soft; all the things your mouth desires in a cookie.


I was heading to my girlfriend’s house and decided to take a page out of my dear friend, Alexis’, book by wrapping it in parchment and wrapping a twine bow around it. She is the queen of hygge.

I wish I could say that cookie making magically turned everyone’s frown upside down…but in reality, I think the night got worse, haha. But, none the less, it was a sweet 20 minutes with my little man…

…and hey, now we have cookies 😉


much love,



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