back pain and toddlers.


Hello, my name is Jen. I am the wife of a chiropractor and I hurt my back. Yes, it can still happen…so now that we have that out of the way, let’s move on shall we?

Ps, the last time I hurt my back was when I was pregnant with Bennett…I was mocking the relaxin hormone and did some quirky, crazy move and literally pulled my back out. Get it together Jen…relaxin is real.


These past couple weeks have been a build up to the perfect shit storm for my body…

Traveling for a romantic getaway with Nick for our 5 year wedding anniversary..aka, lots of sitting.

Eating whatever I want to on vacation, which included lots of alcohol and gluten. Mmm, gluten.

No exercise…fell off that wagon hardcore when I was told no more high-intensity exercise. Oh! No more high intensity exercise you say? Okay, I will do absolutely nothing instead and watch myself quickly derail to the hot mess that I once was. Gah!

Had not been adjusted for a week (due to said vacation).

I don’t remember what the final little straw was that literally broke the camel’s back…but something gave way and I’ve been paying the price ever since.

THANK GOD my husband IS a chiropractor is all that I can say. Luckily I was able to get adjusted while in the acute phase of the shit storm…all the while making one lucky lady on the sun deck at our hotel incredibly uncomfortable as my husband adjusted me only 10 feet away from her without any explanation what so ever. HA!

All was fine and dandy, all the while shitty, when I was in pain on vacation…but let me tell you what sucks worse than real bad back pain for a day while you’re on vacation with your husband…

mild to medium back pain when you’re home alone with a toddler.

Toddler don’t care that you’re in pain…

Toddler will choose to have three times as many tantrums in which you need to pick his cute little butt up off the floor in public than he ever would when you’re feeling like your sprightly self…

Toddler will flail and thrash when you do pick him up…for no apparent reason…

Toddler will jump on your stomach and then your head repeatedly while you’re trying to ice your back…

Toddler don’t care.

So while it may seem that he is plotting to destroy me in dark moments of pain…I know that he somehow thinks he is being my “big helper boy” and that his intentions are good…right?


To a speedy-ish recovery,




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